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If you run a motel, inn, or restaurant, then you can advertise your business here. This platform is great for promoting your hospitality-related business. As this magazine is read by those interested in travelling, you can get a lot of customers by advertising here.

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We are very active on our social media. There is the possibility of reaching hundreds of prospective customers by creating ads to be published on our social media pages. Our team can help you write a small but effective message about your brand to attract customers.

We publish monthly newsletters for our subscribers. You can place ads there too. The newsletter contains valuable information and discounts on accommodation and restaurants. So, lots of people read the newsletter. They will come across your advertisement and contact you.

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We can arrange a personal meeting with you to help you decide what type of advertisement option you want to go for. Our marketing team will understand your needs and suggest to you the best advertising solution in this magazine according to your budget. You can also learn about the advertising rates. For further information about the advertising options, you can contact us.