Reasons Motels Should Offer Local Tours

When people plan to visit a new place, the first thing they do is book good accommodation. There are different types of accommodations available, including hotels, motels, inns, hostels, and others. Motels and inns are more affordable options.

After booking the accommodation, they think of the places they want to visit. Various travel agents can book local guided tours for you; however, they will charge a high rate for it. Here are some reasons why motels can provide local tours for the guests.

Better guest satisfaction

Better guest satisfaction - Reasons Motels Should Offer Local Tours

The guests staying at the motel won’t need to spend hours looking for a local tour operator if the motel provides this service. The motel owner can differentiate their services from the others by providing this extra service for the guests at a lost price. This will make their guests more satisfied, and they may come back to live here or recommend the motel to others.

Resources available

The staffs at the motel are local people, and they know the place around. The guests prefer someone having the local experience to show them around. If the motel management can allocate a few staff for providing a local tour, then it will give them away to earn extra money and also provide better customer service. The motel needs to have one or two dedicated vehicles for this purpose which won’t be much of a problem.

Know the place well

Know the place well - Reasons Motels Should Offer Local Tours

The motel staff can suggest the nearby attractions according to the preference of the guests. As they are very familiar with the place, they can suggest to you the best family attractions, shopping malls, dining places, museums, galleries, and parks.

Provide customized service

As a motel has limited capacity, the number of guests that the staffs have to entertain won’t be much. So, they can give better attention to individual guests and provide them with the best customer service possible. They can arrange independent or group tours as demanded by the guests.

For all these reasons, it’s a good idea for motels to consider providing local tour services to their guests. They can include this as a package along with the room rental to give a better deal to the guests.